About us

The URA Station of Hokkaido University supports researchers so that the university improves its ability to serve as an educational facility that contributes to the region and as a research institute that changes the world.

The URA Station has been providing opportunities for URAs to exchange information and gain new skills. Not only has it been doing this for the URAs at the university, but it has been doing it for other URAs in the prefecture.

When you start a new research project, please visit the URA Station to search for potential collaborators, to discuss ideas with us and to find funding sources.

We at the URA Station have been working toward making the station a crossroads of researchers. We're a "research concierge" for researchers; we assist them in their future-oriented studies.


                                                        menbers of Research Development Section  November, 2016

What we do

  • We collect and analyze data and information to develop a vision for Hokkaido University and to plan research strategies for the entire university.
  • We disseminate the knowledge and wisdom of Hokkaido University to the region and assist in making research outcomes used in society.
  • We listen to the opinions of university researchers and collect and analyze information to start new research projects.
  • We network researchers who wish to conduct interdisciplinary research. Not only do we do this for researchers in the university, but we also do it for those outside the university.
  • We collect and disseminate information to obtain research funds.
  • We collect information on analytical devices within and beyond the university to support the shared use of such devices.
  • We provide training programs to foster and to secure URAs in Hokkaido. Such programs provide URAs with opportunities to exchange information and to improve their skills.