The Nanotechnology Platform Project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is intended to establish a nationwide nanotechnology-related equipment sharing system though close collaboration among organizations with state-of-the art research equipment and know-how for its utilization.

 The platform covers the three fields of nanofabrication, Microstructure Characterization and molecule/material synthesis, and research support is provided by taking advantage of the functions and devices that characterize these individual areas.

 Hokkaido University provides research support in the Nanofabrication Platform Consortium and on the Microstructure Characterization Platform.

 Support is for micron- to nanometer-scale nanofabrication is given using a series of processing devices in a clean room in the Nanofabrication Platform Consortium, and is provided for surface/internal structural analysis of materials using a variety of electron microscopes on the Microstructure Characterization Platform.


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Advanced Characterization Nanotechnology Platform

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