This project provides comprehensive support for nanotechnology
nanofabrication via the provision of required state-of-the-art equipment, Microstructure Characterization expertise, data analysis and other services.

The research support system allows analysis and evaluation of the surface/internal structures of diverse nanodevices and nanomaterials as well as their electronic states in various environments. Research and development support and technical consultation services for innovation creation are provided based on unique equipment combined with technology, experience and wisdom accumulated by researchers and engineers over a long period of time.

Project overview and purpose

This implementing body provides support for research involving the analysis/evaluation of materials and devices on nano- to micrometer scales in terms of (1) surface structure, (2) internal/3D structure and (3) electronic state analysis.

Research, technical and product development are supported for the creation of new state-of-the-art function-enhanced nanomaterials and the manufacture of new devices. To achieve this, systems are provided to facilitate (1) surface structure analysis using state-of-the-art X-ray photoelectron and Auger electron spectroscopes, electron beam probe microanalyzers and other surface analyzers, (2) internal/3D structural analysis conducted by combining diverse microscopes (including the world’s only ultrahigh-voltage electron microscope) with SEM-FIB and other sample processing devices, and (3) analysis in controlled environments using in-situ TEM observation with an environmental cell holder and ultrahigh-vacuum, ultralow-temperature and high-field SPM, and analysis of electronic states and real-time kinetics of nanodevices using an ultrahigh-speed time-resolved photoemission electron microscopes, a high-speed spectral imaging laser confocal microscope and other devices.

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