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The 25th Innovation Seminar for Future Drug Discovery and Medical Care

Date:9 July (Wed.) 17:30~19:00
Venue:Conference Room(5F), Creative Research Institution, HU


Novel fusion between Future Drug Discovery and Medical Care

Chair:Kota Kodama, Ph.D., Coordinating Office

17:30~18:00 Nano-structural design of RNA for biomedical purpose
Hiroshi Abe, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Laboratory of Organic Chemistry for Drug Development, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hokkaido University
    Nano-structural design of RNA offers various functions for biomedical purpose. For example, we showed nano-circular RNA provided endless protein translation. The lecture presents several our examples.
18:00~18:30 Signaling pathways involved in influenza virus entry into host cells
Yusuke Ohba, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Cell Physiology, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine
    Influenza A viruses are internalized into host cells via endocytosis. We recently identified the signaling network that regulates endocytosis and influenza virus entry, in which intracellular Ca2+ plays a central role.
18:30~19:00 The development of therapeutic drugs for emerging infectious diseases from the research and development experience of the anti-viral drugs
Akihiko Sato, D.V.D., Ph.D.
Team Leader, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Shionogi & Co. Ltd., Discovery Research Laboratory for Core Therapeutic Areas
    We succeeded in research and development of anti-HIV drug Dolutegravir in Shionogi. We make use of this experience and want to challenge the research of emerging infectious disease virus therapeutic drugs.

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