CRIS -Creative Research Institution- Hokkaido University

Project Research Division

Aiming at Commercialization and
Research Collaboration

This division promotes R&D, often directed towards commercialization, through close collaborations between research staffs from external organizations (e.g., industries, corporations; commonly providing also funds) and HU researchers. Research teams use the space designated as Open Laboratory available either at the CRIS’s Main Building or the Project Research Building. Currently active projects in the Main Building are engaged in a number of fields such as biopharmaceutical products (with Nitto Denko Corporation), organic electroluminescence technology (with Optmate Corporation), microsatellites research and development and carbon-neutral energy conversion through selective catalytic reactions. Eight projects, dealing with nano-microstructures creation technology, development of measuring devices and image processing softwares using functional fluorescent protein molecules, functional foods, macromolecular gels, dairy technology, satellite imagery and remote sensing applications, etc., are active in the Project Research Building.

The Support Office for Space Science and Engineering (SOSSE), established in 2008, coordinates collaboration between HU and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), which have signed a comprehensive partnership agreement.