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【Division of Frontier Research】 Development of bio-tissue gels and their application for cartilage regeneration

Contributing to the welfare of ageing society through the synthetic gel applications
Development of bio-tissue gels and their application for cartilage regeneration
Prof. Dr. Jian Ping GONG

Faculty of Advanced Life Science and Creative Research Institution, Hokkaido University

Creation of novel raw materials such as the bio-tissue gels through innovations in material science is indispensable to realize a society capable of promoting the welfare of people. Our research in this area aims at fabrication of artificial polymer gels that possess super-strong mechanical characteristics and biochemical functions, similar to those of soft body tissues, and furthermore develop their practical applications in a variety of scientific fields, including medicine (e.g., transplantation of muscle, cartilate, tendon etc. and their regeneration)

Our goal is to independently create highly strong and tough (in terms of resistance against fracturing) and viscous double-network gel materials and ultimately to compound them with type II collagen (extra-cellular matrix macromolecule of cartilage), hyaluronic acid, proteoglycan and bio-tissue compatible polymers to fabricate pseudo-tissues gels. We are also engaged in developing technologies for shaping the gel into a variety of anatomic forms and complexing to achieve osteosynthetic functions. Pseudo-tissue gels created through such integrated approach will be subjected to various tests to determine the regenerative characteristics with respect to artificial joints, etc., as well as their potential for clinical applications.

Besides their use in treating the joints, bio-tissue gels have a vast potential as a substitute for human-engineered muscle and heart transplantation in future. They can be used as scaffolds that enhance tissue regeneration and hence are likely serve as the most reliable raw material for the regenerative medical care.

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