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[ Division of Frontier Research ]

Cutting-edge interdisciplinary research linked to commercialization & practical application

The Division of Frontier Research executes integrative, cutting-edge research programs based on research results produced at HU that have the potential for commercialization. Collaborative industry-university research projects are funded for up to 5 years. It aims at advancing the University’s strategic priority research themes, development of human resources capable to contribute to cutting-edge S&T, and also at establishing novel academic domains.

Currently there are 4 projects details of which are given below

Prof. Dr. Hiroaki MISAWA Research Center for Highly-Efficient Photoelectric Conversion System Using Optical Nano-Antenna
Development of highly efficient solar cells utilizing near-infrared light
Prof. Dr. Hiroaki MISAWA

Research Institute for Electronic Science and Creative Research Institution 
Hokkaido University

The development of a highly-efficient solar cell is critical in order to create a future realizing low-carbon society. To produce a solar cell with high photoelectric conversion efficiency, it is necessary to develop a system that responds to wide spectrum of solar light from visible to near-infrared wavelengths. The current program, supported by MEXT as “Low-Carbon Research Network Japan (Lcnet)”, allows us to develop novel and highly-efficient photoelectric conversion system utilizing near-infrared light based on optical nano-antennae effects. The key technology for realizing solar cells that respond to near-infrared wavelength is the plasmonic photoelectric conversion by using electrodes in which gold nanorods are elaborately arrayed on the surface of TiO2 single crystal electrodes by means of advanced top-down nanotechnology.

Prof. Dr. Jian Ping GONG Contributing to the welfare of ageing society through the synthetic gel applications
Development of bio-tissue gels and their application for cartilage regeneration
Prof. Dr. Jian Ping GONG

Faculty of Advanced Life Science and Creative Research Institution, Hokkaido University

Our laboratory has been engaged in collaborative research with Professor Kazunori YASUDA from Graduate School of Medicine who is well-known pioneer in the field of application of high-strength double-network gels, independently developed by our team, for treatment of ailments of ligaments. The objective of our ongoing research is to synthesize gel materials with superb mechanical properties and biochemical functions comparable to those of cartilage, and thereby develop their practical use in the treatment of joints. As the ageing society is in urgent need of further progress in cartilage care, we as researchers feel obliged as well as privileged to transfer the fruits of our research for the benefit of society.

Dr. Shin-ichiro NORO Cross-disciplinary research on metal complexes aiming at their early commercialization
Development of gas separation and storage system based on metal complexes
Dr. Shin-ichiro NOROAssociate Professor

Research Institute for Electronic Science and Creative Research Institution, Hokkaido University

This project is a cross-disciplinary initiative that aims at fusion of the applied research at the Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University (by S. Noro), the fundamental research at the Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University (by S. Takeda), and the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chuo University (by H.-C. Chang) on metal complexes aiming at their use for gas separation and storage process technology in order to achieve efficient utilization of, for example, the shale gas and hydrogen gas. Through collaborative research with private enterprises on the development of molding process technology based on the use of such metal complexes, it aims at early commercialization of the research seeds.