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Research Department

The Research Department of CRIS, called hereafter CRIS-RD, was launched anew in April 2009 to take charge of promoting a transdisciplinary research system, creation of novel priority research themes, fostering young researchers and extending support to basic research themes in collaboration with business enterprises from the standpoint of Hokkaido University as a whole.

CRIS-RD has 5 divisions devoted to (i) frontier research, (ii) innovative research, (iii) research on strategic priority projects, (iv) R&D related to commercialization, and (v) endowed projects on themes related to commercialization or research and education programs. It serves as an active platform for materialization of research activities under university-wide project-based research programs (see the organizational chart). CRIS-RD promotes project-based research sponsored from competitive funds acquired through university’s strategic priority programs as well as other external resources. It continues to be the center for comprehensive development of young scientists and educators in accordance with the university’s philosophy and strategy while maintaining an effective linkage with other departments, for example, various faculties/graduate schools and human resources development department. It engages in developing a strong research support system directed toward acquisition of competitive funds and creation of an infrastructure capable to enhance efficient execution of R&D undertakings.

Emphasis is placed on coordination among the R&D institutes/centers in the Northern Campus Area dedicated to industry-academia-government collaboration, and also the university’s Center for Innovation and Business Promotion housed inside the CRIS Building. These endeavors aim at further development and crystallization of a prominent R&D base, promoting commercialization of research seeds at an early stage and contributing to S&T-driven regional economic (re)vitalization.

Organizational Chart


CRIS-RD Safety Management Page

CRIS-RD Safety Management Page
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