CRIS -Creative Research Institution- Hokkaido University

Research Support Office (RSO)

From procedural assistance to reliable support for various research needs

As a University-wide research support unit, the RSO assists the planning of projects and the preparation of proposals to acquire funds for collaborative research that will lead to the creation of novel priority research themes in accordance to the University’s strategic research policy. It promotes research partnerships, and acts as a coordinator between funding agencies and relevant collaborating organizations, and cooperates with the Center for Innovation and Business Promotion (related to intellectual property management and industry-university collaborations) in working out collaborative research projects. In addition, it is responsible for public relations (e.g., the dissemination of information on various activities at CRIS through printed material, reports, homepages, etc.) as well guidance to visiting individuals or groups. The RSO cooperates in organizing conferences related to the projects funded annually by the Office of the President of Hokkaido University through a priority distribution fund for national/international research meetings.

Three major functions

 Gathering data on R&D resources/networks, and promoting their use for cross-departmental/interdisciplinary collaboration

 Collection, management and utilization of know-how to prepare proposals for R&D projects/facilities toward acquisition of competitive funds

 Planning and execution of events for effective exchange and dissemination of research findings, and performing public outreach activities

The Research Support Office is headed by the Deputy Executive Director of CRIS and comprises 6 experienced academic and clerical staff members, who perform diverse functions (coordination, event planning, and administration) in connection with research projects and support programs, and provide overall support for the CRIS Executive Director.


Activities at a Glance

  • Preparation of plans and proposals related to various research projects
  • Publications and other public outreach activities related to CRIS (Homepage, newsletters/pamphlets/brochures, events planning and execution)
  • Planning and execution of seminars/symposia
  • Guidance to national and international visitors
  • Support toward acquisition of funds for large-scale competitive projects and their management (e.g., Hokkaido University Research & Business Park Mission, Hokkaido University Platform for Research and Development on Biofunctional Molecules, Next-Generation Nanotechnology Research Facility)
  • Support for execution of the national/international-scale research meetings through the Priority Distribution Fund from the University President's Office
  • Support to activities related to Comprehensive Collaboration Programs for Research and Education (e.g., HU-JAXA)
  • Assistance in issuing periodic e-newsletter by the University President’s Office
  • Bibliometric analysis