CRIS -Creative Research Institution- Hokkaido University

Equipment Management Center (EMC)

Sharing the state-of-the-art scientific equipment and facilities

The EMC integrates the instrumental analytical services commissioned by University departments under the former Center of Instrumental Analysis with the Open Facility system managed by the former CRIS to make available a wide range of equipment for common research and educational activities. It is responsible for adding equipment and strengthening the management system and thus further consolidates these functions as a University-wide unit.

 The EMC consists of the Instrumental Analysis Division (IAD), which provides analytical services consigned by clients (e.g., graduate schools, various research establishments), and the Open Facility Division (OFD), which manages laboratory equipment and systems available for shared use by the University’s internal and external clients. It oversees the overall management and maintenance of laboratory facilities, including registration of state-of-the-art equipment offered to the Open Facility system by various branches of the University.

 An Executive Committee deliberates on all important matters related to the EMC, including business planning for management and operation, budgeting, settlement of accounts, and drafting plans for equipping facilities and laboratories. The Committee submits plans and proposals to the CRIS Steering Committee for approval.



Instrumental Analysis Division (IAD)

This division accepts consignments for structural analysis, etc. of organic compounds including the biological specimens by expert technicians.

Open Facility Division (OFD)

The most up-to-date and leading edge facilities at the users’ disposal. Clients themselves operate the devices right from switching them on.






For a complete List of Equipment/Services and the Price List, potential users are requested to write to the following